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Re: Bug in nvi: Adding Tags to the stack, removing, then re-adding causes Segmentation Fault

On Feb 13,  1:53pm, (Patrick Welche) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Bug in nvi: Adding Tags to the stack, removing, then re-addin

| On Thu, Nov 27, 2014 at 08:04:58PM +0000, Christos Zoulas wrote:
| > In article <14E87758ADB246A58C5FAE0359DE5506@WilliamTHINK>,
| > William D. Jones <> wrote:
| > >2. For a given C source tree, run ctags -t path/to/*.c path/to/*.h. Open 
| > >nvi. Position the cursor over a tag, press ^], then ^T twice, or ^T, then 
| > >^]. nvi will segfault (near) consistently. This behavior can also be 
| > >duplicated using the corresponding cscope commands in ex (either :tagpop or 
| > >:cs fi [search type] [tag] will also cause a segfault).
| > 
| > I can't reproduce this, can you provide an exact recipe?
| Could this be shell dependent - c.f. bin/42372 ?

The only way I can think that the choice of shell affects the child's memory
layout causing such execution differences is because the environment variable
layout is different, or the initial open file descriptor set is different.

The first is my guess, the second would be more exotic. env(1) is your friend
debugging such problems.


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