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installboot: Old BPB too big, use -f (may invalidate file system)


While trying to squeeze a NetBSD-7 snapshot into a newly created
partition on a disk that already contains several other OSs, things
died with:

  installboot -o console=pc,speed=9600 /dev/rwd0a /usr/mdec/bootxx_ffsv2
  Old BPB too bug, use -f (may invalidate file system)

Huh?  Searching suggests this is is something that this only happens
with floppy disks and the like?

Some particulars that might be relevant to the install:

- the partition table and disk look something like:
  #1 ntfs
  #2 ntfs
  #3 my partition created using gparted
  #4 Extended
    #5 ext3
    #6 ext3

- for NetBSD, within #4, I used the defaults (new file system, ...)

- MPR boot blocks were not installed (existing grub)

- per above, pc console being installed, died
(I also tried telling it to leave things as-is and that got a core
dump from sysinst)

While I got around this by running the above with -f and restarting
the install, I've got to wonder why, when initializing a partition
from scratch, this would happen.


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