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NetBSD 7.0 BETA ath0: device timeout

Installed NetBSD 7.0_BETA (GENERIC.201411140020Z) i386 on an old laptop.
Trying to get the wifi card work. Get the following error continuously.

ath0: device timeout (txq 1, txintrperiod 1)

There is an old thread in NetBSD mailing list and my problem seems to be
the same. Unfortunately those threads seem inconclusive.

Note: This may not be specific to 7.0. I have not tried this hardware with
any older version.

Also note: The interface ath0 gets created only if I boot with no acpi.
This is a separate problem in itself, not sure whether related to the
above problem.

The interface did come up (status: active) one or two times while
experimenting. At that time the error messages had stopped. I am not able
to figure out exactly what makes it come up or it's totally random.

I am using stock wpa_supplicant with WPA2-PSK authentication, if that
matters. There are 4 other devices on same wifi network, 2 of which run a
similar NetBSD setup without any problems.


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