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Kernels w/o DRM{,2} also missing support for "agpgart".

In the past, my custom kernels for my i82810e-based machines have disabled
all drm{,2} support since none has ever been built for these chips
anyway.  The intel driver for Xorg worked in spite of this (except for
stippled regions being rendered as solid black, but that's a compiler

I was recently able to boot an up-to-date -current kernel on one of
these systems and was dismayed to discover that the X server now complained
about lack of "agpgart" support.  A GENERIC kernel (in which drm2/kms
is now default) allowed the X server to operate as normal.  The
i82810e-based machines retain the VGA text-mode console.

My custom kernel merely includes "GENERIC" and disables unwanted
drivers/subsystems with the "no foo at bar" facility--the relevant
items being the "i915drmkms" and "intelfb" drivers.

Now, I must have "i915drmkms" included included to get "agpgart" support
(the legacy "i915drm" driver is not sufficient) where before no drm
driver was needed.

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