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Re: intel i915 gfx

In article <>,
B Harder  <> wrote:
>Imagine my surprise and elation when I updated the kernel and got
>high-performance, high-res gfx on my Thinkpad! It's been a long time
>coming, and I'm thrilled.
>That said, running X (w/ dwm window manager) froze my laptop entirely
>after a few minutes. I couldn't get into the kernel debugger to get
>any clues about what had happened; it was locked up tight.
>If there's anything else I can to do increase logging or get
>introspection, I'm happy to supply info, test builds etc. to get this
>up-and-running stably.

You have Taylor to thank for that. I just committed a fix that dealt
with the hangs I've been getting with "ico -faces -threads 4". Do you
have that change?


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