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raspberry pi panic 7.0_BETA after install fs resize


I'd got panic when doing 7.0_BETA file system resize for raspberry pi after
install. I compiled system using
 command:    ./ -j4 -m evbarm -u -U release started:    Fri Oct 31 20:33:32 EET 2014
         NetBSD version:      7.0_BETA
         MACHINE:             evbarm
         MACHINE_ARCH:        earm
         Build platform:      NetBSD 6.1.4 amd64
         HOST_SH:             /bin/sh
         MAKECONF file:       /etc/mk.conf
         TOOLDIR path:        /work/nb/tooldir
         DESTDIR path:        /work/nb/destdir
         RELEASEDIR path:     /work/nb/release
         Updated makewrapper: /work/nb/tooldir/bin/nbmake-evbarm
         Successful make release ended:      Fri Oct 31 21:55:27 EET 2014

I wrote resulting rpi.img to SD card and realized that I need to resize file
system to extract pkgsrc. On multiuser I did disklabel part of the resize
and then restarted system to single user after that to do rest.

I followed mostly instructions from

except I did disklabeling against instructions when I was still in multiuser
mode... I don't know had this anything to do with panic.

Anyways in single user after "sync" and "reboot" the system paniced. I was too
"busy" and didn't take full stack trace, sorry about that. But maybe this has
some data for someone who might have had similar issue.


PS. System seems to work just fine despite of panic. (currently extracting
Petri Laakso

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