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Re: panic with 7.0_BETA

>> panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "(obj == NULL) || mutex_owned(obj->vmobjlock)"
>> ...uvm_page.c line 1226
> ?

in which Stephen Borrill said:

> Apologies for the noise, I think this was down to running an
> update build after the gcc changes so that .o files were mixed
> between two different compilers. Anyway, wiping out obj and
> doing a clean build fixed it.

Of course I did that as well, and I'll re-update and re-build
from scratch and re-test.

That said: whatever became of backward compatibility and ABI
adherence?  Is there a good reason why a compiler change and
mixing object modules from different gcc versions can trigger
this panic?  I would have thought the answer to that would be
"no", but I'm willing to be educated...


- Håvard

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