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Re: help setting up encrypted partition

Patrick Welche wrote on 10/18/2014 02:44 AM:
> On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 12:51:21AM -0700, scar wrote:
>> # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rcgd0c bs=32k
>> dd: /dev/rcgd0c: Read-only file system 
> I suspect that it's because we are trying to zap the initial blocks of
> the disk where the disklabel lives. Options seem to be:
> 1) disklabel the disk with a partition not starting at 0 and zap that, or

alright thanks i think i'm getting it.  was also reading the document at
[1] and noticed maybe i should be using just "wd1" with fdisk and
disklabel instead of "/dev/wd1".  the whole naming convention is
throwing me off, too, as i'm used to linux i guess where sda1 is the
first partition, sda2 is the second one, etc.  whereas you might only
have two partitions but in NetBSD they might be called wd1a and wd1e but
wd1[b-d,f-h] still exist in /dev.  then there is also /dev/rwd1 et. al.
 what can i read to understand all of this better?

> 2) allow overwriting of the disklabel with "disklabel -W"

anyway yes it seems when i used "disklabel -W wd1", i was able to run dd
to scrub the disk


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