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Re: Problemns after updating from 6.1.4 to 6.1.5

On Sat, 18 Oct 2014 10:14:34 +0000 (UTC) Paul Goyette
<> wrote:
> I _know_ I'm using the correct root password, but still I get
>          su: Sorry: authentication error
> And, in /var/log/authlog I get
>          su: BAD SU paul to root on /dev/pts/1: authentication error
> FWIW, when I ran postinstall, it told me to "fix" the old ptyfs
> devnodes, so I did.  Is this the source of the problem?  And if so,
> what's needed to get my su back?

I'm not sure, but seem to recall seeing messages about fixing old ptyfs
nodes whenever I update -CURRENT, and haven't had trouble with su.
What *has* given me trouble with authentication in the past was
inadvertantly messing with PAM.  For instance, compiling the system with
MKKERBEROS=no without first removing all mention of kerberos from the
PAM configuration.  Every PAM chain that included kerberos as a
possible authentication mechanism started failing because the required
module was missing.  Maybe check that all the PAM modules mentioned in
your configs (not only the ones you actually use) are present and
up-to-date?  Just a thought.


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