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Re: The pkgsrc-2014Q3 Release

> Getting pkgsrc
> More information can be found in

> tar files for pkgsrc, along with checksums, can be found at

> and anonymous cvs can be used:
>         cvs -z3 -q -d checkout -r
> pkgsrc-2014Q3 -P pkgsrc

> or by pulling from the git mirrors at:
> or the mercurial mirror at:

Pkgsrc guide online says nothing about git or mercurial.  I've been using cvs because that's what the guide said, for NetBSD src and pkgsrc trees.

My question is whether there are any special parameters needed to git-clone or pull pkgsrc tree.

Question arises because of problems I've had with haikuports, haikuporter and haikuports.cross from (Atlassian) relating to (SSL) certificates.

I've never used mercurial (hg), though I recognize the chemical symbol.

Is it better to use git or cvs?  Is git also for NetBSD src trees?


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