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Re: umodem(4) with "no pointer to data interface"

2014/1/21 Felix Deichmann <>:
> Conexant has quirks?

Looking at the Linux driver (cdc-acm.c), it becomes clear that the
Conexant USB modems (and so many others!) probably have quirks:
They are marked with NO_UNION_NORMAL, which means that (a) they have
no union descriptor, or (b) the union descriptor is misplaced on data
interface instead of communications interface.

So in the NetBSD code again, that would be why umodem_get_caps()
returns -1 and is the one ruining the match in umodem_match()...

But we also have a UQ_NO_UNION_NRM flag available (umodem_get_caps()
in umodem_common.c). I would try to apply this for the Conexant

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