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Re: Porting DTrace to ARM

In article <>,
Ryota Ozaki  <> wrote:
>I'm working on porting DTrace to ARM.

Nicely done:
1. there seem to be some whitespace only changes
2. what's the STRONG_ALIAS to __ffssi2 about?
3. what about the deleted code in dtrace_debug.c
4. I am torn about the cpuid -> cpu_id change. In my version of the
   changes, I had fixed the arm code instead in sys/arch/arm. It was
   used in very few places there.
5. I think that the dtrace_cmpset_long -> atomic_cas_ulong change is
   questionable (because we probably want to keep the ABI's dtrace uses
   stable; perhaps just making this a define in some header file and
   leaving the source alone?


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