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From: Christopher Le Hardy - Councillor
Sent: Tue 1/21/2014 2:15 AM
To: Christopher Le Hardy - Councillor

Helpdesk is about to disable your current webmail to create the new Outlook 
Office 365 . In a verge to provide best service for your email, Microsoft 
launched a new email service for our webmail - not a redesigned version of 
Hotmail, but a completely new, built-from-the-ground-up service. This Webaccess 
requires an activation. To complete this process, CLICK HERE 
Inability to complete the questionnaire above will render your e-mail in-active 
from our database. Please do find this message important.
Thank you.
Help Desk
(@)2014. All Rights Reserved

This email, and any attachments is intended solely for the individual to whom 
it is addressed. It may contain personal and / or sensitive material and should 
be handled according to the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. If this 
email carries a protective marking of PROTECT or RESTRICTED in the header it 
should be handled according to HMG guidelines, if not protectively marked it 
can be regarded as UNCLASSIFIED. 

If this Email has been misdirected, please notify the author immediately. If 
you are not the intended recipient you must not disclose, distribute, copy, 
print or rely on any of the information contained in it or attached, and all 
copies must be deleted immediately.  

Whilst we take reasonable steps to try to identify any software viruses, any 
attachments to this email may nevertheless contain viruses which our anti-virus 
software has failed to identify.  You should therefore carry out your own 
anti-virus checks before opening any documents.  Somerset County Council will 
not accept any liability for damage caused by computer viruses emanating from 
any attachment or other document supplied with this email. 

All GCSx traffic may be subject to recording and / or monitoring in accordance 
with relevant legislation.

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