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Re: kernel crashes because crypto unloading?

I guess you are not using a GENERIC kernel? The GENERIC kernel should have the crypto module (and all of its dependencies) built-in.

In any case, the fact that you're backtrace shows you came from module_thread() indicates that the crypto module had been automatically loaded (presumably as a result of an attempt to open /dev/crypto) and the 10-second auto-unload timer has expired.

I would have expected config_cfdata_detach() to fail (with EBUSY) if the device was still open by someone. So I'm not sure who/what still owns allocations from the module's memory pool.

In any case, please set 'sysctl -w kern.module.verbose=1' and re-run your tests so we can see all of the module load/unload activity.

On Sun, 19 Jan 2014, dieter roelants wrote:

Hi all, and I think Paul in particular ;)

After updating my kernel to current -current yesterday, I had 3 crashes
while compiling userland. I have no info about the first crash, but ran
my system with serial console afterwards, so I have cores and
backtraces of the next 2. Anyway, they seemed kinda random to me, so
today I built the same kernel config with DEBUG and DIAGNOSTIC enabled.

Now the kernel cleanly panics (instead of uvm faults) with the message
"pool_destroy: pool busy: still out: 2" a few seconds after starting X
(reproducable). The backtrace looks like this:

breakpoint() at breakpoint+0x5
vpanic() at vpanic+0x136
printf_nolog() at printf_nolog
pool_destroy() at pool_destroy+0x363
crypto_detach() at crypto_detach+0x10
config_detach() at config_detach+0xda
config_cfdata_detach() at config_cfdata_detach+0xd9
crypto_modcmd() at crypto_modcmd+0x55
module_do_unload() at module_do_unload+0x7c
module_thread() at module_thread+0xfc

Looking at yesterdays' kernel messages; I noticed that they contain
"crypto0: detached" about 12 seconds after starting X (which I can tell
from the (radeon)drm messages), which is probably odd because it never
attached in the first place (or at least there's no trace of it in the

The workaround I'm using so far successfully, is to modload crypto
manually before starting X.

Anyway, I'll send a PR for this soonish, unless a fix is committed
earlier. :)

kind reagrds


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