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what to do if more aliases than MAXALIASES in /etc/hosts?

Hi -
just found that the hosts table distributed in my company has an entry
with ~40 aliases. There is a maximum of MAXALIASES=35 in NetBSD, and
the effect is that not just this line is ignored but also the rest
of the hosts file. This looks unreasonable.
Here is a patch which fixes this for me - the offending line is
ignored but the following lines are read.
One could also just ignore the bad line in gethostent_r(), or even
use the first MAXALIASES aliases and only ignore the aliases which
don't fit.
What do you think?

best regards

Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH
52425 Juelich
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Juelich
Eingetragen im Handelsregister des Amtsgerichts Dueren Nr. HR B 3498
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: MinDir Dr. Karl Eugen Huthmacher
Geschaeftsfuehrung: Prof. Dr. Achim Bachem (Vorsitzender),
Karsten Beneke (stellv. Vorsitzender), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Bolt,
Prof. Dr. Sebastian M. Schmidt

diff -r 1b4461463576 lib/libc/net/sethostent.c
--- a/lib/libc/net/sethostent.c Mon Jan 13 21:49:52 2014 +0100
+++ b/lib/libc/net/sethostent.c Thu Jan 16 20:00:46 2014 +0100
@@ -186,8 +186,12 @@
                hp = gethostent_r(hf, info->hp, info->buf, info->buflen,
-               if (hp == NULL)
-                       break;
+               if (hp == NULL) {
+                       if (*info->he == NETDB_INTERNAL && errno == ENOSPC)
+                               continue; /* line with too many aliases */
+                       else
+                               break;
+               }
                if (strcasecmp(hp->h_name, name) != 0) {
                        char **cp;

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