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Re: sysctl vm on 6.1_STABLE DOMU

In Message <>,
   Manuel Bouyer <>wrote:

=>On Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 10:12:00PM -0500, Gary Duzan wrote:
=>> In Message <>,
=>>    Jeff Rizzo <>wrote:
=>> =>Yeah, this is a problem with the libxc in the dom0;  it's been fixed in 
=>> =>recent versions, but you can't do anything about it in the domU. :(
=>>    Interesting. I know it worked before, though, with earlier
=>> netbsd-6 branch versions. Did something on the NetBSD DOMU side
=>> change to trigger this behavior?
=>I don't think so, but an update of the dom0 could have brocken it.
=>This has been brocken in Xen by a security-related change.
=>>  I'm assuming the DOM0 is Linux,
=>> so if there is a DOM0 bug I would need more detail about it to try
=>> to get it addressed by the hosting folks.
=>This has been fixed upstream, but I'm not sure the fix is in a released
=>version yet.

   Thanks for the info. I've confirmed that a newer xentools42
does, in fact, fix the problem. Since there is a workaround and
upstream is clued in to the fix, that's good enough for me.


                                Gary Duzan

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