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Networking issues with -current?

I've got a number of amd64 machines running 6.99.28 (from sources of 2013-12-14 at 23:34:52 UTC). One of my machines has had its networking "hang" a couple of times. When it happened, the machine was essentially idle, with no abnormal CPU or network loads.

Local activities continue to function normally, but networking is down completely. The machine will not even respond to a ping. And an attempt to shutdown the network interface causes the entire system to hang.

My other machines have not had this problem, so I've attempted to identify things that are "unique" to the problem machine:

* The problem machine functions as a router, for both IPv4 and IPv6;
  the other machines each have only a single network interface.  All
  machines, however, run the exact same kernel image, which has
* The problem machine has two wm(4) interfaces as well as a gif(4)
  (for tunneling IPv6 traffic);  the other machines all have only a
  single re(4).
* The machine in question is a 24-core system (dual Opteron 6172)
  with 32GB of RAM; the other machines have only 6 or 8 cores and a
  mix of 4, 8, or 16GB.
* The problem machine has a couple of RAID-1 mirrors
* The problem machine exports a number of filesystems (most of which
  reside on the RAID mirrors)

Since the machine that hangs is my primary machine, I haven't yet taken the opportunity to start debugging. If anyone has any clues on what to look for, please let me know.

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