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Re: NetBSD-HEAD amd64 refuses to build

Since -current had some "hard times" in the last few weeks, and maybe
not everyone is aware of this site:

shows the status of the last autobuilds. We already had one working
-current (HEAD) build this week, yay!

As you can see there, the stable branches rarely fail to build. When
they do, it either is a spurious problem of the autobuild system (e.g.
running out of disk space), or a broken pullup, that will usualy be
fixed within a few hours.

If you try to build one of the stable branches locally (from clean
source trees and empty obj dir), and fail, this either is a clear
failure in the "tools" phase (e.g. when you build on some host system
that hasn't been tested lately), in this case: file a PR.
Or: you are passing some "strange" options to, e.g. an inconsistent
or not supported mixture of MK...=YES/NO flags. You should not fiddle with
those flags normally, unless you clearly understand all implications and
are willing to fix the fallout.


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