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Re: NetBSD-HEAD amd64 refuses to build

> On Mon, Dec 09, 2013 at 08:19:53AM +0000, 
> wrote:
> > This time, using as always, I added -V MKLLVM=yes and 
> > HAVE_LLVM=yes to command line:
> For amd64, clang defaults to libc++, so you want -V MKLIBCXX=yes as
> well.
> Joerg

Wiki didn't say that, so I didn't know: something new to try.

I could also try to build NetBSD-current i386.

That would be a fresh install, since NetBSD-current i386 didn't like the 16 GB 
USB stick it was on, and I dd'ed OpenBSD 5.4 Live USB over it.

When booting that USB stick with NetBSD-current -386, I kept getting green 
trouble messages, also /etc/rc.conf was messed up a few times.

Do I also need to set -std=c++0x and/or -std=gnu++0x as well, and if so, how 
and where?

I was successful building lang/clang in pkgsrc, maybe use that?

Is there an incompatibility betwen mpc, gmp, mpfr and the not-yet updated base 

Could I tell to not build these since I have the pkgsrc versions?


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