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Re: Still trying to get nfsserver module working correctly


A backtrace doesn't seem to be very helpful here; it indicates that the syscall being handled was syscall 0

crash> bt
db_fncall() at db_fncall
db_command() at db_command+0xf2
db_command_loop() at db_command_loop+0xd8
db_trap() at db_trap+0xe9
kdb_trap() at kdb_trap+0x10d
trap() at trap+0x353
--- trap (number 1) ---
sys_sa_enable() at sys_sa_enable+0x1
syscall() at syscall+0x9a
--- syscall (number 0) ---

It is rather curious, however, that sys_sa_enable() is listed in the
backtrace.  I thought that "sa" (scheduler activations) had been removed?
If so, then why would a simple/normal userland call to pthread_create()?

And, if this is "normal", why does this not trigger an attempt to auto-
load  the compat module, in order to enable the sa_enable syscall?

Never mind this bit - seems that sys_sa_enable is just an alias (one of many) for sys_nosys (see sys/kern/kern_stub.c)

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