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Re: xl or xm for xen ? (and more questions, maybe raidframe related)

On Dec 2,  5:52pm, Robert Elz wrote:
} I have installed the rc.d scripts from xentools42 - and they seem to
} work fine, but when I read various documentation, I have no idea what is
} going on, or whether it is really installed and working correctly (I am
} yet to actually try installing a domU - this confusion over xm & xl is
} largely why, I'm not sure what commands I should be using.)   The NetBSD
} Dom0 (using a kernel that was from HEAD a couple of months ago - 6.99.23)
} looks to be working fine (modulo one minor probably non-problem.)
} The xendomains script that is installed in rc.d uses xl to start things.
} All the documentation I have read (general, mostly aimed at linux users,
} documentation) says that when xl is used, xend should not be, and all python
} related stuff should be removed (I'd like that!)
} But, the xendomains script has "REQUIRE: xend" in it ??

     Oops.  Corrected.

}-- End of excerpt from Robert Elz

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