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Re: READ ME: updating mpc, mpfr, and eventually gmp

I've had intermittent similar problems with NetBSD for at least three years now. I have no idea what the problem is, though. I've suspected some sort of memory corruption, but was never able to make any progress in tracking it down.

On Sun, 1 Dec 2013, Thomas Mueller wrote:

     Base gcc hasn't been updated.  Updating mpc, mpfr, and gmp
are part of the preparation for update base gcc.  "Segfault due to
internal compiler error" is often due to bad memory.  You might
want to run pkgsrc/sysutils/memtestplus.

I tried again, this time noticed that the choking point was in libgmp.

So maybe it was the new stuff: mpc, mpfr and gmp.

Maybe not compatible with existing gcc, or maybe an error in the code.

Things I could try would be to try to build, from pkgsrc, gcc-aux or
a newer version of gcc.  Or maybe from NetBSD 6.1_STABLE if that boots,
but then I have the same old(?) gcc.

Another possibility would be to do the same from FreeBSD, using
gcc-aux or a newer gcc from ports.



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