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bge jumbo patch for netbsd-6

 Hello, all.

 I made a bge's jumbo patch for netbsd-6 branch. This patch synchs
bge(4) and brgphy(4) with -current. -current's bge and brgphy still
have some bugs but those are better than netbsd-6.

The patch is at:

I'll wait for feedback about 1 week and then I'll send the pullup


sys/dev/pci/if_bge.c                    1.203-1.237, 1.239-1.241, 1.243-1.258
sys/dev/pci/if_bgereg.h                 1.58-1.74, 1.76-1.83
sys/dev/pci/if_bgevar.h                 1.10-1.16
sys/dev/pci/pcidevs                     1.1149
sys/dev/pci/pcidevs.h                   regen
sys/dev/pci/pcidevs_data.h              regen
sys/dev/mii/brgphy.c                    1.61-1.63, 1.65, 1.67
sys/dev/mii/miivar.h                    1.61
sys/dev/mii/miidevs                     1.112-1.113
sys/dev/mii/miidevs.h                   regen
sys/dev/mii/miidevs_data.h              regen
share/man/man4/bge.4                    1.13-1.15

Add some device support, fix a lot of bugs and add some enahcements.
- Add Altima AC1003, APPLE BCM5701, Broadcom BCM5785F. BCM5785G, BCM5787F,
  BCM5719, BCM5720, BCM57766, BCM57782 and BCM57786.
- brgphy(4): Add BCM5756, BCM5717C, BCM5719C, BCM5720C and BCM57780.
- Add some bugfixes and enhancement from FreeBSD:
  - Workaround for BCM5906 silicon bug. When auto-negotiation results in
   half-duplex operation, excess collision on the ethernet link may cause
   internal chip delays that may result in subsequent valid frames being
   dropped due to insufficient receive buffer resources.
   (FreeBSD: r214219, r214251, r214292)
  - Allow write DMA to request larger DMA burst size to get better
   performance on BCM5785.
   (FreeBSD r213333: OpenBSD 1.294)
  - Enable TX MAC state machine lockup fix for both BCM5755 or higher
   and BCM5906. Publicly available data sheet just says it may happen
   due to corrupted TxMbuf.
   (FreeBSD r214216)
  - Follow Broadcom datasheet:
   Delay 100 microseconds after enabling transmit MAC.
   Delay 10 microseconds after enabling receive MAC.
   (FreeBSD r241220)
- Insert the completion barrier between register write and the
  consecutive delay(). It will fix some device timeout problems
  we have seen before.
- Add DELAY(40) after turning on write DMA state machine.
- Add some workarounds for 5717 A0 and 5776[56] to be stable.
  From Linux tg3 driver.
- Sync with *BSD. No functional change:
  - make bge_chipid() and use it.
  - use switch() instead of a lot of if()s.
- Check BGE_RXBDFLAG_IPV6 flag for 5717_PLUS case.
  Note that {tcp,udp}6csum flag is currently not added in the capability.
- Add delay after clearing BGE_MACMODE_TBI_SEND_CFGS for the link checking.
  FreeBSD has the same delay().
- Rename PHY related flags for the consistency. It's the same as FreeBSD.
- Remove BGE_10_100_ONLY flag because this was not used.
  For 10/100 devices, when calling mii_attach(), mask BMSR_EXTSTAT flag to
  not to check Gigabit flags. It's the same as FreeBSD.
- In brgphyattach(), set sc_isbge, sc_isbnx and sc_phyflags before PHY_RESET()
  because brgphy_reset() refers those flags.
- Call brgpy specific autonego function in MII_TICK. Before this commit,
  only MII_MEDIACHG calls brgphy_mii_phy_auto() and MII_TICK calls MI
  mii_phy_auto(). That was not intended.
- Sync with FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Almost the same as OpenBSD rev. 1.325:
  - Sync the ring setup code closer to FreeBSD's driver
  - Do not touch the jumbo replenish threshold register on chips that do not
    have jumbo support
- Wait for the bootcode to complete initialization for 5717 and newer devices.
  See BCM5718 programmer's guide's "step 13, Device reset Procedure, Section7".
  57781's document has the same note.
- 5718 and 57785 document say we should wait 100us.
- Change the order of register settings a little to match both Broadcom's
  document and Linux tg3.
- Add detach function.
- Fix a bug that chips which have BCM5906 ASIC touch GPIO wrongly.
- Fix a bug that the NVRAM lock timeout occured on sparc64 onboard bge.
- Check BGE_SGDIG_STS when the chip is NOT a 5717 A0, like freebsd
  (OpenBSD rev. 1.327).
- Fix the setting of Tx Random Backoff Register.
  register correctly.
- Update comments from 57XX-PG105-R.pdf and 5718-PG106-R.pdf.
- Add missing bus_dmamap_sync() in bge_intr(). The status word is in DMAed
  area. Same as other *BSDs.
- Check the hardware config words and print them. This change only read them
  and print the values.
- Set BGE_MISC_CTL's byte/word swap options before using bge_readmem_ind().
- For BGE_IS_575X_PLUS() devices, don't set BGE_RXLPSTATCONTROL_DACK_FIX bits
  because these bits are reserved.
- bge_init_tx_ring() uses BGE_RSLOTS (==256) but bge_free_tx_ring() uses
  BGE_TX_RING_CNT (== 512). Delete BGE_RSLOTS and use BGE_TX_RING_CNT. Same as
  OpenBSD's if_bge.c rev. 1.86.
- Document says 5717 and newer chips have no BGE_PCISTATE_INTR_NOT_ACTIVE bit,
  so don't use the bit on those chips. Same as OpenBSD.
- Fix a bug that the PHY address bits in MI_MODE register is wrongly cleard.
  Set the PHY address correctly.
- Use BGE_SETBIT() instead of CSR_WRITE_4() for the BGE_MISC_LOCAL_CTL register
  to not to modify some GPIO bits.
- Call bge_poll_fw() before writing BGE_MODE_CTL register like the
  latest linux tg3 dirver.
- Set DMA watermark depend on the PCI max payload size.
-  Add BGE_JUMBO_CAPABLE flag to some chips. With this commit, 5714, 5780,
   5717, 5718, 5719 (exclude rev. A0), 5720, 57765 and 57766 are added to
   support jumbo frame.
- Fix the setting of sc->bge_flags for 5717 and newer devices.
- Fix a link detect bug on non-autopoll systems. Same as OpenBSD
  (rev.1.329 and 1.336) and FreeBSD (r213710).
- 57765 series is not based on 5717 series. 5717 series is based on 57765
- Set the TX DMA segment size based on the MTU size.
- Change the TX ring size for 5717 series and 57764 series.
- For 57766, set BGE_RDMAMODE_JMB_2K_MMRR for non-jumbo frame.
  Same as Linux tg3.
- For 57765 and newer devices, set BGE_MAX_RX_FRAME_LOWAT to 1.
  This value is recommended by the document.
- Change sysctl related functions for consistency.
- Style change.
- Use macro. Remove duplicated macro. Remove unused variable.
- Fix comments. Add comments.
- Remove extra semicolon. Remove unused code.

                SAITOH Masanobu (

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