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Re: port-sparc build broken - ramdisk

On Sat, 24 Aug 2013, Martin Husemann wrote:

On Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 06:43:19AM -0700, Paul Goyette wrote:
/build/netbsd-local/dest/sparc/usr/lib/libc.a(gethnamaddr.o): In function
gethnamaddr.c:(.text+0x28c4): multiple definition of `_gethostbyname'
libhack.o:(.text+0x2e4): first defined here

My libhack.o does not have this symbol - could you show us the output
of nm ($TOOLDIR/bin/sparc-netbsdelf-nm) on this file and grep for _gethost
and/or everyting " U " (i.e. undefined symbols requested from elsewhere),

I can only find two files named libhack.o, and they are different:

# find obj/sparc -name libhack.o | xargs stat -f "%SN%t%z"
obj/sparc/distrib/miniroot/libhack.o    24575
obj/sparc/distrib/sparc/ramdisk/libhack.o       27890

Checking the log file, this was from the section building

        all ===> etc/sparc/ramdisk

So I assume we should look at the ramdisk version of the file?

The output from nm is in the attachment.

Please note that this was an "update" build, so it is always possible that there is a stale file that didn't get rebuilt because of unknown dependencies...

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# ./tools/x86_64/sparc/bin/sparc--netbsdelf-nm 
         U .umul
00000cac r CSWTCH.1
         U _C_ctype_tab_
         U _C_tolower_tab_
         U _C_toupper_tab_
00000000 R _DefaultRuneLocale
000023c0 T __closelog_r60
         U __errno
00001d4c T __getpwent50
00001db4 T __getpwent_r50
00001fb8 T __getpwnam50
00001f44 T __getpwnam_r50
00001f08 T __getpwuid50
00001e94 T __getpwuid_r50
00002490 T __login50
00002498 T __loginx50
         U __mb_cur_max
000023d0 T __openlog_r60
         U __sF
000021e8 T __setlocale50
000023c8 T __setlogmask_r60
         U __srget
         U __sys_errlist14
         U __sys_nerr14
         U __sys_nsig14
         U __sys_siglist14
0000237c T __syslog_r60
00002338 T __syslog_ss60
000023d8 T __syslogp_r60
00002414 T __syslogp_ss60
000023a8 T __vsyslog_r60
00002364 T __vsyslog_ss60
000023fc T __vsyslogp_r60
00002438 T __vsyslogp_ss60
000024c8 T __yp_unbind
         U _citrus_ctype_default
00002288 T _closelog
         U _ctype_tab_
00001818 T _endgrent
00000048 T _endhtent
00001a40 T _endnetgrent
00001e60 T _endpwent
00001784 T _getgrent
0000184c T _getgrgid
000018ac T _getgrnam
0000190c T _getgrnam_r
00001954 T _getgrouplist
00000448 T _gethostbyaddr
000002e4 T _gethostbyname
000003d4 T _gethtbyaddr
00000258 T _gethtbyname
00000084 T _gethtent
00001a30 T _getnetbyaddr
00001a38 T _getnetbyname
00001a50 T _getnetgrent
00000560 b _gr_filesdone
00000564 b _gr_fp
0000056c b _gr_group
00000568 b _gr_stayopen
00001a58 T _innetgr
00002180 T _mb_cur_max_l
00002280 T _openlog
00000ca0 b _pw_filesdone
00000ca4 b _pw_fp
00000cb0 b _pw_passwd
00000ca8 b _pw_stayopen
00001804 T _setgrent
000017d8 T _setgroupent
00000000 T _sethtent
00002290 T _setlogmask
00001a48 T _setnetgrent
00001e20 T _setpassent
00001e4c T _setpwent
00002250 T _strsignal
00002308 T _syslog
00002450 T _syslogp
00002298 T _vsyslog
00002478 T _vsyslogp
0000260c T _yp_all
000024d0 T _yp_bind
00002530 T _yp_check
000024c0 T _yp_dobind
00000100 C _yp_domain
000025d4 T _yp_first
000024e0 T _yp_get_default_domain
00002574 T _yp_invalid_domain
00002624 T _yp_maplist
0000261c T _yp_master
000025c4 T _yp_match
000025ec T _yp_next
00002614 T _yp_order
000024d8 T _yp_unbind
00000004 C _ypbindlist
0000262c T _yperr_string
00000080 D _yplib_nerrs
00000070 D _yplib_rpc_timeout
00000060 D _yplib_timeout
00002668 T _ypprot_err
00002084 T btowc
0000208c T btowc_l
000005a0 T cgetcap
00000ca8 T cgetclose
00000c80 T cgetent
00001010 T cgetfirst
00000680 T cgetmatch
00000cec T cgetnext
000013ec T cgetnum
00000468 T cgetset
00001028 T cgetstr
000012f4 T cgetustr
         U close
00002288 W closelog
00000674 T csetexpandtc
00000040 d current_locale
00000548 b dbp
00001818 W endgrent
00001a40 W endnetgrent
00001e60 W endpwent
000010e0 b err.5098
00000000 d expandtc
         U fclose
         U fflush
         U fgetln
         U fgets
         U fopen
         U fprintf
         U fputc
         U free
         U getdomainname
0000072c t getent.clone.0
00001784 W getgrent
0000184c W getgrgid
000018ac W getgrnam
0000190c W getgrnam_r
00001954 W getgrouplist
00000448 W gethostbyaddr
000002e4 W gethostbyname
00001a30 W getnetbyaddr
00001a38 W getnetbyname
00001a50 W getnetgrent
00001d4c W getpwent
00001db4 W getpwent_r
00001fb8 W getpwnam
00001f44 W getpwnam_r
00001f08 W getpwuid
00001e94 W getpwuid_r
00000554 b gottoprec
00000580 b grline
0000152c t grscan.clone.1
000014d8 t grstart
00000410 b h_addr_ptrs
         U h_errno
000004a0 b host
00000409 b host_addr
000004b4 b host_aliases
00000008 b hostbuf
00000000 b hostf
         U inet_aton
00001a58 W innetgr
00001ff4 T localeconv
00002000 T localeconv_l
000024a0 T logout
000024a8 T logoutx
000024b0 T logwtmp
000024b8 T logwtmpx
         U lseek
         U malloc
00002094 T mbrlen
000020c8 T mbrlen_l
0000200c T mbrtowc
00002034 T mbrtowc_l
000020d8 T mbsinit
000020e0 T mbsrtowcs
00002124 T mbsrtowcs_l
00000980 b members
         U memcmp
         U memcpy
         U memmove
         U memset
         U open
00002280 W openlog
0000218c T perror
0000054c b pfp
00000ce0 b pwline
00001ab4 t pwscan
00001a60 t pwstart
         U read
         U realloc
00000004 d ret.1337
         U rewind
00001804 W setgrent
000017d8 W setgroupent
00002290 W setlogmask
00001a48 W setnetgrent
00001e20 W setpassent
00001e4c W setpwent
00000558 b slash
         U snprintf
00000540 b stayopen
         U strcasecmp
         U strchr
         U strcmp
         U strcpy
00002220 T strerror
         U strlen
         U strpbrk
         U strsep
00002250 W strsignal
         U strstr
         U strtoul
00002308 W syslog
00002450 W syslogp
00000550 b toprec
0000055c b topreclen
         U vfprintf
00002298 W vsyslog
00002478 W vsyslogp
0000205c T wcrtomb
00002068 T wcrtomb_l
00002134 T wcsrtombs
00002170 T wcsrtombs_l
00002074 T wctob
0000207c T wctob_l
0000260c W yp_all
000024d0 W yp_bind
000025d4 W yp_first
000024e0 W yp_get_default_domain
00002624 W yp_maplist
0000261c W yp_master
000025c4 W yp_match
000025ec W yp_next
00002614 W yp_order
000024d8 W yp_unbind
0000262c W yperr_string
00002668 W ypprot_err

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