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lost acpi lid device


I have been playing with suspend/resume on my fujitsu S6310 laptop and
it is not working quite right.  I have actually had this problem for
quite a while but suspend/resume was broken for me for a while so it
wasn't imporant.  I have gone back to playing with suspend/resume and
after fixing ata.c so it doesn't call ata_reset_channel on channels that
have no drives attached which caused wdc_reset to get a NULL deref panic
I seem to be able to suspend and resume ok IFF I don't close the lid. 
That is, if I set the sysctl from the command line to initiate sleep,
the machine sleeps, I can tap the power button and it resumes correctly. 
If I close the lid after performing the suspend then things don't go so
well - it looks like the machine starts up but there is no display, the
hdd led flickers regularly but even typing reboot blind does not restart
the machine, the caps lock led doesn't respond either.  All I can do is
hold the power button down to force a hard power off.

I am thinking this may be due to the fact that I am missing the lid
switch device, the hardware tries to resume as soon as I open the lid
but I think the event does not get reported to the kernel.  I _used_ to
have a lid switch device but it disappeared in an update, I have had a
look at the history of acpi_lid.c and don't see any changes in the probe
string for the device.  I tried dumping the aml but can't see any
reference to PNP0C0D there.  Any things on how I can debug this?

Brett Lymn
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