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Re: amd64 server upgrade failed - help

On 08/02/13 20:23, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 02, 2013 at 06:49:24PM +0100, Dave Tyson wrote:
>> [...]
>> Any other suggestions other than a total reinstall ? (I do have a full
>> backup from 3 days ago but really don't want to have to waste a couple
>> of days...)
> can you try boot -ac, disable all usb controllers (ohci, ehci and uhci).
> hopefully you'll there have a working keyboard in PS/2 compat mode.
> Then when the kernel asks for init path, try /rescue/init
 Brilliant! That got me off the mark. The /rescue/init also resulted in
a panic, but I then remembered that the spare disk wd4 had a complete
root and user setup and I could just tell the kernel to use wd4a as root
and it just came up.  Not sure what went wrong with the upgrade, but I
have an easy means to recover now.

The PS/2 compatability mode is very slow and quirky. You have to use
multiple presses of a key till the character appears - but it *does*
work which is great.

Thanks again,

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