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Re: wm(4) BMC related change (Fwd: CVS commit: src/sys/dev/pci)

Hello, Tom.

(2013/06/27 22:29), Tom Ivar Helbekkmo wrote:
> SAITOH Masanobu <> writes:
>>  I fixed some BMC related bugs. If you have troble with BMC capable
>> machine, please try the latest -current and report whether the problem
>> is solved or not. If you still have problems, please compile the kernel
>> with WM_DEBUG and send the full dmesg to me.
> I've been having stability problems for a while, on a Dell Poweredge
> 2850 that uses a wm interface to do VLAN trunking to a Cisco switch.
> The machine is both default router and NFS server for my home systems.
> It displays very frequent short pauses in network communication, less
> frequent longer pauses, and occasional complete hangs.  The hanging
> affects disk I/O (ld over amr), in that a logged-in shell on the
> console, for instance, will still work until it does something that
> tries to access disk.  The situation worsens with increasing network
> usage, and firing up a bittorrent client on another machine behind it
> will normally bring it to its knees before very long, especially if I
> have the bittorrent client store files it pulls down on NFS storage
> served by the 2850...
> Does this sound like a situation your bug fixes might be relevant to?

Perhaps, no, it doesn't. I checked the specification of Dell Poweredge
2850. It has two 82541EI and that chip is not so complexed and has not
so many errata.

 I couldn't find what south bridge chip is used on the machine. If it's
63xxESB I/O controller HUB, the problem may be caused by the chips errata
because of the lack of the errata's workaround in NetBSD. That chip
aggressively introduced new features to improve I/O performance, but
the number of errata is......

 One of other problem is that I have no machine which has 82541EI and BMC

> -tih

                SAITOH Masanobu (

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