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Re: NetBSD's documentation of ZFS

Not much to setup if you want to test it.

Don't run 'zpool scrub', segfaults straight away. Plenty of dumps
available in case one wants to debug it, but I guess one can always
make himself a new one...

Attach the disks, create the pool, zfs etc. I was able to
snapshot/send/receive ZFS to an Illumos system.

The /etc/rc.d/mountall script has wrong 'zfs volinit' command, which
does not exist (yet | now ).

As far as I can tell, it is still in fairly early development stage,
pool version is 23, zfs version is 4.

Latest tests on a 6.99.22/amd64 as of 22/06/2013.


On 24 June 2013 04:26, Erik Fair <> wrote:
> Where is it? How does one setup & use ZFS with NetBSD?
>         curious,
>         Erik <>


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