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anita timeout

Last night I did an i386 anita run, which died as follows:

 : rump/rumpkern/t_sp (481/568): 10 test cases
 :     basic: [1.431057s] Passed.
 :     fork_fakeauth: [1.554477s] Passed.
 :     fork_pipecomm: [1.566941s] Passed.
 :     fork_simple: [1.529521s] Passed.
 :     reconnect: [5.554751s] Passed.
 :     signal: [1.563789s] Passed.
 :     sigsafe: [7.669842s] Passed.
 :     stress_killer: [32.187932s] Passed.
 :     stress_long: Traceback (most recent call last):
 : [~3 screenfuls of python vomit meaning "timed out"]

Is this normal, or does it mean I broke something? Does the global
timeout length need increasing again?

(the machine I was using is not especially fast, but not especially
slow either)

This of course throws away all the test metadata, so I have no idea
which of the tests actually failed... now I remember why I always used
to unconditionally log all ATF console output to a file. It's often
all the information you get. :-/

David A. Holland

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