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Re: _gpio gid has changed

At 7:48 Uhr +0200 8.6.2013, Marc Balmer wrote:
>>>> FYI:  The gid of group '_gpio' has changed below 100 and is now '29'.
>>>> Please double-check your /dev/gpio* entries once you update your system.
>>> Isn't that something that should be added to postinstall(8)?
>> My thought exactly.  :)
>The group _gpio only existed for a few days

This information was certainly missing from your original post.

>before I changed its
>numerical value, so wouldn't add a check to postinstall be a bit gross?

In the light of the above, maybe. Although - "gross"?

>Also, there was never a release with gid _gpio in it

Quite. Which, again, you could have pointed out in your first mail.


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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