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Re: Trouble using current under qemu

Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
> With qemu-1.3.1 NetBSD/i386 6.0.1 seems to work. (not on 1.3.0)
> Does anyone else try qemu-1.3.1?

I have not tried any recent qemu 1.x releases, but I have been running
automated tests of daily builds of the qemu git mainline.  So far, I
have run into five different regressions that have broken NetBSD/i386
guests one way or another:

At least bug 1154328 still exists on the mainline, and I have received
no response to the bug report.  Bug 1127369 is probably also still
unfixed, but I can no longer test it in an automated way because of

I don't know which of the 1.x releases are affected by which of these
bugs, if any, but I would guess most of them are affected by at least
Andreas Gustafsson,

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