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Re: dhc* in NetBSD 7.0

At 17:21 Uhr -0400 26.3.2013, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>| And to get back to the topic of the Subject line, I personally think that
>| we need to (should) keep dhcpd (the server) in the system, regardless of
>| how few people actually need to run it (if you're looking for obsolete stuff
>| that could move to pkgsrc, you could start with just about everything in
>| /usr/games - dhcpd is at least useful for some people).
>I vote to keep it too. I don't think anyone is arguing for removing it
>without a viable replacement.

What am I - chopped liver!?  ;)

IMHO, there's not much gain left in pulling dhclient(8), if you are going
to ship the sources for dhcpd, anyway...

I find that when I need one of the bigger servers shipped with NetBSD base,
I frequently have to go to pkgsrc because the base version is lagging
behind, and I am in need of a feature it doesn't (yet) have.

Case in point: A while back, the handy feature of listing several domains
under "option domain-name" was pulled because of security issues. NetBSD's
dhcpd v3 was patched accordingly, but does not have the suggested

option dns-domain-search-list "";

forcing me to install net/isc-dhcpd4.


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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