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Re: dhc* in NetBSD 7.0

In article <>, Jeff Rizzo  
<> wrote:

>2) Update ISC DHCP in-tree and continue supporting dhclient, dhcpd, AND 
>dhcpcd.  This will require a fair amount of work to discover the various 
>reasons we've stuck with 3.0.3, and address these concerns. If we choose 
>this path, we should update to the latest version with "Extended 
>Support" at the time of branching and/or during the beta period - we 
>want to make sure 7.0 has a good long life.

The reason is simple: ISC screwed up. How:

        $ fgrep -rw BIND9 /usr/src/external/bsd/bind/dist/lib

Yes folks, if you have shared libraries of libisc libdns etc, you
are screwed. You need to compile another copy of them statically
inside dhcp4 to use them. This is why dhcp4 includes a copy of bind
inside it!

This is genius:  

    1. Design "infrastructure" like libraries to get more advanced
       functionality from the OS in a portable fashion and enhance re-use.
    2. Pollute them with application-specific code, so that they cannot
       be re-used.

Of course this did not happen overnight and there is probably not
a single person to blame. The problem is that nobody wants to take
ownership and fix it.


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