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Re: status for Marvell Orion support


some of you may recall that I got and toyed a bit with a
Kurbox/PRO around the time of the 5.0 release.  At that time I
got it installed, but what I wanted to do met with two problems:

 - It appeared that using the local SATA controller caused the
   machine to report errors during moderate to heavy disk IO
   activity (e.g. daily runs)
 - It was not possible to do a reboot remotely; rebooting
   required local hands-on with a (soft) power-off/power-on

I'm now happy to report that I've installed 6.0 on the box, and
both of these problems are now gone, and my Kurobox/PRO now
appears to be running stable.

Many thanks to whoever fixed these issues.


- Håvard

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