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Re: powerpc/pic/intr.c IPL_HIGH vs IPL_NONE

KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:

> May I do revert of this change for bebox, ofppc (Openpic+8259), and
> macppc (Ohare)?
> [...]
>> My bebox hangs up at boot time since change v 1.23 pic/intr.c.

No, please don't!

This is an important bug fix for ofppc (8259), e.g. for the Pegasos2.
Otherwise you cannot establish interrupt handlers at different levels (e.g.
IPL_SCHED and IPL_VM) on the same hardware irq!

When this change causes a side effect, which makes the BeBox hang, then we
have to fix the real problem instead.

I have to admit that I didn't understand your problem, which has something
to do with cascading a second interrupt controller? Unfortunately none of
my systems has such a configuration.

Frank Wille

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