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Re: IPFilter issue in -current

In article <>,
Geoff Adams  <> wrote:
>I've finally had some time to work on this. Here is the result so far:
>In the ipfilter 5.1.2 code in -current, there are two locking-related
>bugs (in one case a lock is released too soon, and in one case, a lock
>can be leaked), and the custom-built red-black tree seems to have some
>bugs. I haven't looked into what bugs the ipf rb-tree implementation
>has; at Christos's suggestion, I've just switched it to use our
><sys/rbtree.h> implementation, and that solves the problem.
>The ipf rb-tree implementation is implemented as cpp macros, so I
>swapped out the rb-tree implementation by adding a different set of
>macros that call <sys/rbtree.h> functions. I believe this may be a
>minimally-invasive change to the ipf code base, and it should maintain
>compatibility with all the other OSes ipf is built on. That said, the
>bug will remain on other OSes, so Darren may want to check that out.
>(The bug manifests as a kernel panic or hard hang during a call to
>Attached is a patch that keeps my router from panicking or hanging on
>heavy NAT load. Would anyone like to take a look at it? I think these
>changes should be incorporated into -current.
>After that, there are still a couple other ipf problems that cause
>serious issues, although they don't kill the machine. For example, the
>ns_bucketlen measure of elements in each bucket in the hash table that
>keeps NAT state can be decremented below 0. Since it's an unsigned int,
>that makes it look as if the bucket is way over-full, and no new state
>can be tracked between the two hosts in question. I'll try to look into
>this later today.

Looks good! Patched on head.


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