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Re: Build break for port mac68k

Am 06.12.12 05:44, schrieb Paul Goyette:
> With sources updated just a short while ago, I'm getting the following
> error in ' release' during build of INSTALL kernel:
> cc1: warnings being treated as errors
> /build/netbsd-local/src/sys/arch/mac68k/dev/mac68k5380.c: In function
> 'do_ncr5380_drq_intr':
> /build/netbsd-local/src/sys/arch/mac68k/dev/mac68k5380.c:412:0: error:
> "R1" redefined

... this is from 1995

> ./m68k/reg.h:96:0: note: this is the location of the previous definition

... and this from 1994.

gcc pickiness? My first impulse would be to do away with the R1 #defines
in mac68k5380.c. What are these for, besides likeness to the R4 and W4
#defines for documentation purposes?

Allen, we miss you...


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