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Re: Areca 1882 SAS controller support?

I got the replies below from the dealer:

At 9:17 Uhr -0500 04.12.2012, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
>       1) Were the disks configured into a RAID volume? [...]

Yes, in a RAID 6.

>       2) Do the disks show up, in the same configuration, under FreeBSD
>          or Linux?

The RAID volume shows up properly on a Debian Wheezy x64 with Linux kernel
3.2. In addition, Areca lists FreeBSD as officially supported.

>       3) What happens if you swap the SAS disks for SATA disks?  Either
>          should work with the 1882.

The disk array consists of 8x Samsung SSD840 with SATA/6G interface.


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