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Re: Areca 1882 SAS controller support?

At 9:17 Uhr -0500 04.12.2012, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
>The Areca controllers are excellent and the NetBSD driver has always worked
>well for me.  I don't have any of the SAS units (I have many of the SATA
>units).  To my knowledge, Areca have kept the driver interface very, very
>stable and there *shouldn't* be a problem with the 1882.

Sounds good so far...

>You might compare revisions of their FreeBSD driver from around the time
>when the 16xx or 18xx SAS units came to market and see if there are any
>relevant changes.
>Here are three things you should check, though:
>       1) Were the disks configured into a RAID volume?  JBOD is
>          likely almost completely untested in the NetBSD arcmsr driver
>          (and if the controller BIOS is in "RAID" rather than "JBOD"
>          mode, the driver may need to do something special to make the
>          disks probe as JBOD at all).

I'll have to ask the dealer -- we haven't bought the machine, yet. It's
likely they have a RAID 1 or 5 setup, though.

>       2) Do the disks show up, in the same configuration, under FreeBSD
>          or Linux?

They claim they successfully use the controller under FreeBSD.

>       3) What happens if you swap the SAS disks for SATA disks?  Either
>          should work with the 1882.

I'll ask them.

Thanks for the input,


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