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Re: heat problem on my laptop

On 10/10/12 13:35, Bartek Krawczyk wrote:
>> There were some ACPI bindings provided by AMD a few months ago.
> Unfortunately there is no way to issue custom ACPI calls in NetBSD.
> I've got the same problem with nvidia + intel card. There is a package
> in FreeBSD which does that. And also an acpi_call or bbswitch module
> in Linux.

Jared sent me a kernel module and a small utility to do that.
By turning off the secondary GPU the CPU temperature goes down
by 25 degree.
The CPU fan runs with 2400rpm. It was never before below 3200rpm.

A nice side-effect is that acpidisplay(4)
works now as expected: The brightness hotkeys do work!


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