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Re: netbsd-current build error

On Sun, 7 Oct 2012 04:09:40 -0700 (PDT) Hisashi T Fujinaka
<> wrote:

I wonder if this is just me:
nbmtree: strunvis failed on `./rescue/\['
nbmtree: failed at line 237 of the specification

I am seeing this too after a round of cvs update and rebuild.  Both on
6.0_RC2/i386 (with most recent pullups applied) hosts, but the targets
differ.  On one host, it occurs only building for "sparc" target, and
the other, only for "macppc" target.  Example from the latter:

--- /d0/build/current/DEST/macppc/METALOG.sanitised ---
sort /d0/build/current/DEST/macppc/METALOG |  
/d0/build/current/tools/i386/bin/nbmtree -CSM -k all -N /d0/nbsd/current/src/etc  
nbmtree: strunvis failed on `./bin/\['
nbmtree: failed at line 13 of the specification
*** [/d0/build/current/DEST/macppc/METALOG.sanitised] Error code 1

Since I keep target architectures segregated, I wiped out all of the
affected target's DESTDIR, RELDIR, and objdir for macppc (effectively a
clean build) and it completed.  But then repeating an update build on
the repopulated tree caused the identical error (as above) to appear.

I also tried a proper non-update build to no effect.  The host for the
above example builds macppc, evbmips-64el, sparc, and i386 releases.
On it, only macppc target suffers.

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