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Re: powerpc/pic/intr.c IPL_HIGH vs IPL_NONE

Hi! Frank,

From: Frank Wille <>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 19:24:27 +0200

> > The hangup reason is changing imask[IPL_HIGH] to 0x3ffe0000 from
> > 0x7ffe0000.
> Which means it was 0x7ffe0000 before, and now it is 0x3ffe0000?


> Can you compile the kernel with PIC_DEBUG, to get some more information
> about the irqs, virqs and masks in your system?

hmm... I don't have living floppy disks now.  :)
And I don't have a boot floppy for com0(boot_com0.fs).

What you have other idea?


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