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Re: fs tests failing

On 01.09.2012 16:54, Paul Goyette wrote:
Yes, I understand that.  Compare the total number of test cases
between the runs and the number of successful test cases.

Ah, yes, I see that now.

There was an increase of 41 in total test cases.  And it appears that 39
of those 41 new test cases failed.

None of the old tests are failing, only the new ones.

Yes. And with my older (well, prehistoric ;) versions of the drivers, "only" 20 or so of the tests resulted in a kernel panic while the rest passed. So I'm hoping someone with more recent vfs familiarity than myself can tell of the top of their head why a namei on zfs results in this:

panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "VOP_ISLOCKED(*newsearchdir_ret) == LK_EXCLUSIVE" failed

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