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Re: Error compiling tests/net/fdpass

>> Could it be the fact that I have MKCOMPAT=no? In that case, 32-bit version 
>> of is not installed.
>> I propose disabling the 32-bit version of the test when MKCOMPAT == "no".
>> The objdir is fresh and clean. :)
> Yes, the test makes no sense without MKCOMPAT, just add it to the .if for
> $ARCH.

I don't quite understand the logic behind this test. Now, two programs are 
being built for every architecture - fdpass64 and fdpass32, BUT on sparc64 and 
amd64 fdpass32 is built as a 32-bit binary. On all other architectures (e.g. 
i386) both fdpass64 and fdpass32 are exactly the same, right? Also, what's the 
point of having 32-bit binary on amd64, when the same test can be run on i386, 
if 32-bit testing is required.

Please, clarify, because now I would suggest removing two binaries and keep 
only one fdpass. :)

Kind regards,

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