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Re: Cannot get mountd to start

During startup, mountd appears to start, and rpcinfo shows that it is registered. However, mount requests from other machines fail with a "program not registered" message.

Any attempt on the server to restart mountd just hangs while trying to stop the old copy. And after a few minutes, the entire system hangs and needs to be reset.

Anyone got a clue on how to debug this?

Problem solved!  :)

It wasn't a problem with mountd, it was nfsd.  Turns out that we have

        nfs_server_flags="-6tun 4"

in /etc/defaults/rc.conf

I changed that to

        nfs_server_flags="-tun 4"

(removed the '6') and it works just fine now.

Well, almost fine.  Mounts are working, but lockd won't start

        # /etc/rc.d/nfslocking start
        Starting statd.
        Starting lockd.
        rpc.lockd: cannot get udp netconf.

However, rpcinfo still shows the nlockmgr service bound for both udp and tcp

    100021    0    udp          nlockmgr   superuser
    100021    1    udp          nlockmgr   superuser
    100021    3    udp          nlockmgr   superuser
    100021    4    udp          nlockmgr   superuser
    100021    0    tcp          nlockmgr   superuser
    100021    1    tcp          nlockmgr   superuser
    100021    3    tcp          nlockmgr   superuser
    100021    4    tcp          nlockmgr   superuser

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