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Re: Help with tcsh-6.18.01 and the meta key?

On 2012-05-24 07:31, Lars-Johan Liman wrote:
On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 11:24 AM, Lars-Johan Liman<>  
to make M-b and M-f do backward-word and forward-word,
etc. Regardless of my settings they (and other M-commands) are inserted
as (proper) 8-bit characters.

Does the following in .Xdefaults solve the problem?
Run "xrdb -merge<  ~/.Xdefaults" for testing.

XTerm*VT100.translations: #override\
    Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift<Key>  a: string("\033a")\n\
... [long scary list] ... ;-)

Well, thanks. It might get the functionality back under very particular
circumstances, but it doesn't explain why it works with 6.17 but not
with 6.18 compiled with the same flags on the same host, and used in the
same xterm.

I expect it will also not allow me to type the corresponding 8-bit
characters "unharmed" in other programs. In addition, it will also be
hard to map it "in or out" depending on which particular host _that_
particular xterm happens to be talking to, and every host has its own
version of tcsh ... it seems. ;-)

Something that just occured to me - could you have gotten it to somehow insist that you have utf-8 or something similarly annoying locale thing?


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