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kmail crashes

I'm not sure whether to file a PR or not.

I recently compiled NetBSD 6.0 Beta, gnome2, kde 3.5, and
a slew of packages. Bash, emacs, xpdf, fvwm2, and other
basic packages I've tried work OK, but kde has my head

kde leaves a trail of warning messages, bad window messages,
and can't set up the audio, although mplayer stand-alone
works fine.

And to the crux: kmail works splendidly, except for crashing
with a segfault (11) after handing over an email to sendmail/
postfix. There is no core dump that I can find, so I'm at a
loss as to how to give you any info on why kmail does this.
There is a kde crash handler invoked, which apparently is
supposed to do a "backtrace" using gdb, but gdb crashes with
a core dump, because, I suspect, there's no core dump to

I've also tried kmail in fvwm invoked from a shell.  Same result.
I've tried kmail fresh (i.e., no former environment -- all wiped
clean). Same result.  I've tried changing the mailer from
/usr/sbin/sendmail to /usr/libexec/postfix/sendmail. Same result.

emacs mailer works fine.  Invoking sendmail (i.e. postfix) directly
works fine.

Because the emails get sent (mostly), I could probably live with
kmail crashing each time I sent an email, except that the cc's
don't get sent, I have to manually transfer the sent email from
the "outbox" to "sent mail," it's annoying to have to give the
pop password again, and some kmail serial numbers or something
seem to get screwed up.

I keep xinit logs of the warnings and errors, but they're pretty
long.  Should I include them in a PR?

I compiled only the kde package.  Is there some other kde support
package necessary to make this work?

I haven't turned on an additional stuff in rc.conf (other than
rpcbind lpd sshd mountd nfs_server screenblank moused ati wscons
all == YES).  Is there some pre-configuration necessary?



Kind Regards, I am

 /s/ Michael L. Riechers

Michael L. Riechers,
Owner,                                  M L Riechers Systems Engineering
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  1)signed numbers,  2)floating point numbers, and  3)little endians.

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"Britain will never be our Friend, till We are her Master"
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