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Re: Improving support for Sun Type 7 USB keyboards


On Sun, 22 Apr 2012 03:04:51 +0200
Pierre Pronchery <> wrote:

>                       Hi everyone,
> I have just managed to improve support for my Sun Type 7 keyboard
> (0x00a2, 0x0430) on my amd64 box running netbsd-6:
> - reporting PMF events on volume up/down/toggle
> - more specifically, reporting key events for the extra keys on the
>   left (Help, Stop, Again...)

Nice :)
I meant to do that some day but never got around to it.

> patch-ukbd_0_trtab_gdium_terminate.diff
> ----------------------------------------
> Terminates the trtab_gdium_fn array, which I currently believe to not
> be, with a potential out-of-bounds access in ukbd_translate_keycodes()

Huh, how did I miss that...

> Unfortunately I am not exactly sure how to confirm this to be working
> (powerd?).

mixerctl -a should show changes to the master channel ( or whatever the audio
driver in question designated as such )
That said, works here ( on a Sun Blade 2500 )

> patch-ukbd_3_compose.diff
> --------------------------
> Also lookup and be able to lit the LED for the Compose key. I could
> confirm it to be working when plugging the keyboard (with all four LEDs
> blinking), however it seems to need additional support in
> xf86-input-keyboard to function properly in X. I haven't tested it in
> console mode.
> Moreover, this is the only USB keyboard in my disposal at the moment, so
> I cannot be sure that there aren't any regressions on regular keyboards
> (with the usual three LEDs).

I'll check this on a couple more keyboards. And gdium too.

> patch-ukbd_4_16_bit_translations.diff
> -------------------------------------
> Here, I have extended the size of the members of the ukbd_trtab array
> from 8 to 16 bits. This has allowed me to substitute key events to PS/2
> equivalents with "Fake ShiftL" events, which wouldn't have fit
> otherwise. After reading code from sys/dev/wscons/wskbd.c and
> sys/dev/pckbdport/pckbd.c this seems to be a valid change to me, but I
> would welcome more opinions.
> In any case, I could confirm this change to work properly on my setup.

Works here(tm)

have fun

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