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X11 server lock-up and garbage on the screen


I am running 6.99.4 but I continue experience freezes where all the screen is filled of garbage (except the mouse pointer).

I am running on a laptop

To reproduce it, it is easy:
1) launch an imaging application written in GNUstep (PRICE, LaternaMagica) and open a very big image (35MPixel b&w images for example)
2) watch the screen go funky

dmesg says:
i915drm0 at vga1: Intel i915GM
i915drm0: AGP at 0xc0000000 256MB
i915drm0: Initialized i915 1.6.0 20080730

I reported this some time ago, sadly it didn't go away by itself.

I have little more information to add

1) if I try to attach a debugger, I get no fault! Instead the application gets killed. However, when I finally exist the debugger and X11, the screen goes funky afterwards! Like some erro gets "delayed" 2) the "freeze" is only local. I cannot switch consoles, no keyboard response, but telnet connection remain active and I can even restart X11 and it will work. 3) with other images the applications run fine, other applications run fine too. I suppose that the X server gets stressed somehow. 4) if I export the display to another machine, all apps run fine and I can load all images I want, so it doesn't appear to be a program bug or at lest not an evident one.


PS: after the debug session I got this in dmesg

i915drm0: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 16
UVM: pid 907 (LaternaMagica), uid 1000 killed: out of swap
UVM: pid 290 (LaternaMagica), uid 1000 killed: out of swap
UVM: pid 1003 (LaternaMagica), uid 1000 killed: out of swap
UVM: pid 692 (PRICE), uid 1000 killed: out of swap
agpclose: mem 0 is bound
agpclose: mem 1 is bound
agpclose: mem 2 is bound
agpclose: mem 3 is bound
agpclose: mem 4 is bound
agpclose: mem 5 is bound
agpclose: mem 6 is bound

I wonder why the app gets killed for out of swap while the problem appears to be the X server! And if run with an exported display, nothing gets killed.

When run on an exported display, the top says for LaternaMagica:
322 multix 85 0 68M 56M select 0:06 0.00% 0.00% LaternaMagic

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