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Re: Sysinst default root login shell

Jeff Rizzo wrote:
> I just looked again at a freshly-built sysinst, because I couldn't 
> recall doing this.  My changes don't actually affect the root shell 
> unless someone selects "Root shell" and then "/bin/sh" in the menu... so 
> I'm not sure how it's changing the default.

I think the default changed because previously, sysinst _forced_ you
to enter the root shell selection menu, and when you did enter the
menu, the menu entry chosen by default was /bin/sh.  After the recent
changes changes, it is possible to complete an installation without
entering the menu at all, and in that case you get /bin/csh.  If you
do enter the menu, the default is still /bin/sh.

I suppose there was already an inconsistency before the changes in
that root's login shell in /usr/src/etc/master.password was different
from the sysinst default setting, but at least sysinst consistently
hid this inconsistency from the user by presenting /bin/sh as the
one true default :)  Now, that is no longer the case.

Also, during the shell selection, there used to be text at the top of
the screen saying

  You can now select which shell to use for the root user. The default is
  /bin/sh, but you may prefer another one.

This text is still in msg.mi.en, but it is no longer displayed;
instead, the text "Configure the added items as needed" from the
previous screen remains on screen when you enter the menu.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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